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Center for General Education


Admiral Tse Chun PU's Intellectual Journey

  • Organizer: Center for General Education, National Taiwan University
  • Date: 19:00pm-21:00pm, Nov. 25th (Wed.), 2020
  • Venue: Room 101, Liberal Education Classroom Building, Main Campus, National Taiwan University
  • Host: Dr. Shih-Torng DING (Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Director of Center for General Education)
  • Speakers: Tse Chun PU (former Admiral, and Strategy Advisor, Office of the President, ROC)
    • During his nearly 50 years of military calling, Admiral Tse Chun PU never stopped pursuing the optimal decision-making for “homeland security,” which is his career devotion. As one of the high-ranking military officers, he not only had to provide advices to the President on strategic and national defense matters, but also was assigned and entrusted to recruit talents for the national army. In this regard, Admiral Pu always wore his navy uniform at every event around Taiwan. His general posture coupled with his glory military career is deemed as the “best testimony” to the talent recruitment/cultivation. He will share his life journey through this lecture as a reference for everyone in developing your own potential and creating social value.

  • Note:
    • This talk will be conducted in Chinese.
    • Attendants are advised to register this talk in advance through NTU registration system.
    • The seats will be opened till 18:50pm if there is still vacancy available.
    • Attendants are required to wear face mask throughout the talk.
    • This learning record will be linked to students’ ePo.