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Center for General Education


1 position available for Project Professor to teach Gen Ed courses

  1. Job Title
    1. Project Instructor (Assistant Professor or above)
  2. Qualifications
    1. Holds a Ph.D. degree approved by the Ministry of Education. Proof of degree verification must be provided for degrees from foreign institutions.
    2. Applicant’s field of specialization shall be in relation to arts; priority will be given to the candidates possessing strong expertise in audiovisual art or popular music.
    3. The capacity of teaching in English is required; applicants with experience in offering course(s) taught entirely in English are preferred.
  3. Intended Starting Date
    1. August 1st, 2021, for one academic year
  4. Job Descriptions
    1. Project instructor is required to offer 16 teaching hours each week; among which, there are least 9 to 10 teaching hours each week spent on liberal education courses.
    2. Principally, there shall be least one course taught in English.
    3. In addition to aforementioned teaching duties, instructor is required to support the University’s AP courses, international short-term program(s), etc.
    4. Assist in the planning of courses.
    5. Assist in the promotion of the campus arts.
  5. Required Documents
    1. A curriculum vitae, including:
      1. Basic information
      2. Contact information (address, phone number, email address, emergency contact person)
      3. Detailed educational and working background (include dates of study, for example: 8/2006 - 8/2009)
      4. Bibliography of completed publication (please include all authors credited for each piece (according to the order listed in the original publication), the name of each piece, name and volume number of the publication it appears in, date of publication, and specific page numbers. Please list if it appears in SSCI, SCI, EI or related indexes.)
      5. Syllabi of previously conducted courses, and any other helpful documents.
      6. An autobiography in Chinese (700 - 1,000 characters)
      7. An autobiography in English (2,000 - 3,000 words)
    2. Copy of personal identification card, diploma and the certificate of education and work background.
    3. Three confidential recommendation letters (shall be sent personally by the reference to Dr. Mu-Hsuan HUANG, Division Director, Division of General Education, National Taiwan University at
    4. Copy of Teachers certificate (if applicable)
    5. Proof of having conducted courses in English (if applicable)
    6. One representative publication (one main piece of writing you would like to submit for our consideration) and up to three reference publications.
    7. Other supporting materials.
  6. Application Procedure
    1. Application Deadline: April 30th, 2021 (GMT+8); overdue application will be not accepted.
    2. Electronic files of all the materials shall be submitted as email attachment to: (Subject: NTU Faculty position_Center for General Education_Applicant name).
    3. Applicants who pass the initial screening will be asked to come to NTU (in mid-May, tentatively) for teaching demonstration and interview. The specific date, venue and demonstration information will be informed at a later time.
  7. Contact Information
    1. Center for General Education: +886-2-33662545