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The Learning Journey of Hsing-Chien Tuan2023-05-10
111-2 Academic Ethics Lecture - The Core Spirit of Research Ethics and Some Related Cases2023-05-04
111-2 Academic Ethics Lecture - Academic Ethical Issues and Cases2023-04-20
The Learning Journey of Huang Chun-Ming2023-04-10
The Learning Journey of Wei-Hsin, Sun2023-03-10
Be a self-directed learner of the NTU Community Forum of Interdisciplinary Studies Program2022-12-16
111-1 Academic Ethics Lecture - Writing Summaries & Paraphrases: Paving the Way to Your Academic Success2022-12-12
The Learning Journey of Ju, Tzong-Ching2022-11-17
The Learning Journey of Chien Chen2022-10-18
The Learning Journey of Hai-Lung Dai2022-09-27
110-2 Academic Ethics Lecture - The Core Spirit of Research Ethics and Some Related Cases2022-06-10
Info Session of Individually-Designed Majors2022-04-01
Public Hearings of College Chinese Reform2022-04-01
大學程式設計教學經驗交流會 人文 & 商管 領域2021-01-11
110年1月5日(二)【TA 進修】珍愛生命守門人培訓,誠摯邀請同學們一同參與2020-12-31
敬邀參與 2021 年第1屆全國椰林講堂論壇2020-12-28
Admiral Tse Chun PU's Intellectual Journey2020-11-17
NTU Lecture Series: The Learning Journey of Dr. Chien-Jen CHEN and Dr. C. Jason WANG2020-10-27
Workshop on Academic Ethics (Fall Semester, 2020)2020-10-06
Welcome to the 2nd edition of 2020(全國椰林講堂論壇)2020-06-04
Welcome to sign up 2020「全國椰林講堂」2020-06-04
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016 ─Ph.D.Stoddart(My Journey to Stockholm2020-06-04
Leader in Taiwanese Linguistics-James H-Y. Professor Tai's Road to Learning Collection lecture2020-06-04
Fall term of Academic Year 2019【My Road to Learning Collection】-Gérard Mourou (2018Nobel Prize in Physics)2020-06-04
【Event postponement】「My Road to Learning Collection」-President Way Kuo of City University of Hong Kong2020-06-04