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Center for General Education


【Inter-University Course Selection Information】112-2 Semester National Taiwan University System Open for Inter-University Course Selection (NTNU and NTUST)

  1. For the 112-2 semester, the three-school system (National Taiwan Normal University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) opens up general education courses for inter-university selection (see the detailed course selection list).
  2. Procedure and Schedule:
    1. Course selection period: Follows the initial selection phases one and two, and the online course add/drop period of our university.
    2. The initial selection phases one and two will be conducted through registration and distribution. The online course add/drop can be done using an authorization code, and does not apply to the need for a teacher's consent form.
    3. For more information, please refer to the National Taiwan University System website.
  3. Notes:
    1. For general education courses offered by each university, please make sure they are recognized as general education credits by your university.
    2. The duration of the courses is from February 19, 2024, lasting for 16 weeks.