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112-1 Academic Ethics Lecture - Issues of Human Subject Protection for Children and Adolescents

112-1 Academic Ethics Lecture

Organizers: Center for General Education, National Taiwan University

l   Information

Topic: Issues of Human Subject Protection for Children and Adolescents

Date: 19:00-21:00, Nov. 29th (Wed.), 2023

Venue: Room 103, Boya Lecture Building

Speaker: Lay, Keng-Ling (Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, NTU)

Language: Mandarin


l   Introduction

This course will introduce human subject protection issues for minors of different age groups participating in behavioral science and educational research. For example, why must special protection be provided for underage research participants? It will address topics like the basic principles of research implementation set forth by the Society for Research in Child Development and the experiences and individual development of children and adolescents participating in research.

This lecture covers academic ethics courses in Category 4 for 2 hours. From the Academic Year of 2018, graduate and doctoral students must cover at least three categories of academic ethics courses in 6 hours. Participants should supplement their academic ethics course study time on their own.


l   Agenda:

18:40-19:00: Registration

19:00-20:45: Lecture Start

20:45-21:00: Question & Answer

21:00-21:15: End of Lecture and sign-out sheet


l   Notice:

1.          Registration link:

We have an open quota of 200 participants. Please register through the NTU activity registration system. If you can't attend, please cancel your registration as early as possible.

2.          Full participation (not late, no early departure, and online sign-in and sign-out) is required to receive a study certificate.

3.          Online check-in is from 18:40 to 19:00, and the feedback form and sign-out are from 21:00 to 21:15.

4.          Contact: Mr. Yu, Center for General Education, NTU (Phone: 02-3366-2545 #242 Email: