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2024.03.01 NTU Royal Palm Lecture Series Dr. Kyosuke Nagata, the President of University of Tsukuba

National Taiwan University has established the Royal Palm Lecture Series as a campus-wide special lecture series aimed at expanding the perspectives of students and faculty members. This series invites distinguished scholars or professionals from both domestic and international backgrounds in academia or industry who have demonstrated exceptional achievements or global impact to deliver speeches and participate in academic exchanges at the university. Dr. Kyosuke Nagata, the President of the University of Tsukuba, will provide the lecture. All members of the university are enthusiastically encouraged to participate.


l   Information

Speaker: Dr. Kyosuke Nagata

Topic: " Host Factor-dependent Virus Replication "

Date: 15:30 - 17:00 Mar. 1st (Fri.), 2024

Venue: Sungreat International Convention Hall, B1, Building 1, College of Management, NTU

Language: English


l   Introduction of Speaker:

Dr. Kyosuke Nagata is the current President of University of Tsukuba since 2013, and concurrently serves as the President of the Japan Association of National Universities since 2019. He earned his PhD. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from The University of Tokyo in 1981. Launching his career in the U.S., he held positions at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute before becoming an Associate Professor at the National Institute of Genetics, Japan (1981-1991). Returning to Japan, he held academic roles at Tokyo Institute of Technology (1991-2001) and joined the University of Tsukuba in 2001, eventually becoming its President in 2013. His research spans Virology, Molecular Biology, and Structural Biochemistry.


Recognized for his academic contributions, he received numerous honors, including Medals from Uzbekistan and Vietnam, Doctorates from Malaysia and Tajikistan, and the Sugiura Incentive Award from the Japanese Society for Virology. He also received second Class Medal for Contributions to the Field of Education from Taiwan’s Ministry of Education in 2023. Actively engaged in academic societies, he holds positions in government committees and national/international associations. His leadership extends beyond academia, reflecting a rich history of scholarly achievements and global impact.


l   Agenda:

15:00 - 15:30: Registration and Admission (Close at 15:25.)

15:30 - 15:35: Opening Introduction

15:35 - 16:35: Speech

16:35 - 16:55: Question & Answer Session

16:55 - 17:00: Trophy Presentation and Group Photo Session


l   Note:

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3.          We have an open quota of 160 participants. Please register through our school's activity registration system. If you cannot attend, please cancel your registration as early as possible. The check-in registration deadline is 15:25; on-site registration will be available if any remaining slots exist.

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