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The Learning Journey of Chung Bon-Chu

l   Information

Date: 19:00 pm-21:00 pm, Mar. 27th (Wed.), 2024

Venue: Room 202, Boya Lecture Building

Host: Dr. Shih-Torng, Ding (Vice President, NTU)

Speaker: Dr. Chung Bon-Chu (Academia Sinica Academician)

Language: Mandarin


l   Introduction of Speaker:

Academia Sinica Academician Chung Bon-Chu graduated from the Dept. of Chemistry at NTU in 1974 and obtained her Ph.D. at Univ. Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, USA in 1979. She returned to Taiwan in 1986 and joined the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) in Academia Sinica, serving as an Associate Research Fellow, Research Fellow, and Distinguished Visiting Chair. Currently, she holds a Visiting Professor at the same institute. She is a Chair Professor at China Medical University and a Senior Consultant at the National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC), NARLabs, Taiwan, showcasing a wealth of academic and professional experience.


Academician Chung specializes in the function and regulation of steroid hormones and the organ development of zebrafish. Her achievements have been recognized with numerous awards, including four National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) Outstanding Research Award, the 2006 Hou Jin-Dui Distinguished Honor Award, the 50th Ministry of Education Academic Award, and the 2012 L'Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science Award. In 2018, she was elected as an Academia Sinica Academician. In 2020, she was selected as a World Academy of Sciences member. Academician Chung is deeply committed to advancing Taiwan's biotechnology development, nurturing talent, and contributing significantly to the biotech industry.


l   Activity Process:

18:30 pm -19:00 pm: Open for check-in

19:00 pm -19:05 pm: Opening Speech

19:05 pm -20:35 pm: Lecture Start

20:35 pm -20:55 pm: Question & Answer

20:55 pm -21:00 pm: Present souvenirs and certificates/Photograph


l   Note:

1.          Link:

2.          180 people will be allowed to register. Attendees are advised to register for this lecture through the NTU registration system. If you cannot come, please cancel your registration immediately. The seats will be open till 18:50 pm if a vacancy is still available.

3.          Civil servants can register for Government Employee Lifelong Learning for 2 hours. For students, this learning record will be linked to students’ ePo.

4.          Organizer: Center for General Education, National Taiwan University

l   Contact: Mr. Yu (Phone: 02-3366-2545 #242; Email: