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The Learning Journey of Tom Cho

The Learning Journey of Tom Cho

l   Information:

Date: 7:00 pm-9:00 pm, Ari. 24th (Wed.), 2024

Venue: Room 103, Boya Lecture Building

Host: Shih-Torng Ding (Vice President, NTU)

Speaker: Tom Cho (Director/Technology Executive, Inventec Corp)

Language: Mandarin


l   Introduction of Speaker:

Mr. Tom Cho received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University and his EMBA degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He joined the Inventec Corp in 1985. Previously, he was General Manager at Inventec and was Chairman of its subsidiaries, including Inventec Stable, Inventec Assurance, and Inventec Standalone. In June 2017, he was appointed Chairman of Inventec Corporation. Mr. Cho retired as Chairman of Inventec Corporation in June 2023 and is currently Inventec's Director and Technology Executive.

His career in product development was in the early years. In 1988, as the chief of the Research and Development department, Mr. Cho led a team to build the smallest Notebook PC in the world for ZDS (Zenith Data Systems). This was the first notebook PC that Inventec ever made. The Zenith minisPORT subnotebook was announced and shipped in 1989, just a year later. In later years, Inventec started its Notebook PC ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) business with the major brands in the world. Besides Notebook PC, Inventec and its subsidiaries also focus on servers, handheld devices, IoT, and AI devices. Innovation, Quality, Open Mind, and Execution are the company’s beliefs and guidelines that Mr. Cho uses to manage the company. Inventec always develops new technologies, focuses on qualities, keeps taking advice from others, and makes correct efforts right away.


l   Activity Process:

6:30 pm -7:00 pm: Open for check-in

7:00 pm -7:05 pm: Opening Speech

7:05 pm -8:35 pm: Lecture Start

8:35 pm -8:55 pm: Question & Answer

8:55 pm -9:00 pm: Present souvenirs and certificates/Photograph


l   Note:

1.          Link:

2.          200 people will be allowed to register. Attendees are advised to register for this lecture through the NTU registration system. If you cannot come, please cancel your registration immediately. The seats will be open till 6:50 pm if a vacancy is still available.

3.          Civil servants can register for Government Employee Lifelong Learning for 2 hours. For students, this learning record will be linked to students’ ePo.

4.          Organizer: Center for General Education, National Taiwan University

l   Contact: Mr. Yu (Phone: 02-3366-2545 #242; Email: